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20 Interesting Facts about Nigeria You Need To Know



intresting facts about nigeria

Nigeria, officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a country in West Africa, bordering Niger in the north, Chad in the northeast, Cameroon in the east, and Benin in the west. Its coast in the south is located on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. The federation comprises 36 states and 1 Federal Capital Territory, where the capital, Abuja, is located. The constitution defines Nigeria as a democratic secular state. Wiki

Want to know more about Nigeria? Here are 20 Interesting Facts about Nigeria that you probably didn’t know before now!

1. Nigerians are 1/5th the total population of Black Africa.

2. Over 4,700 species of plants grow in Nigeria

3. The Ivory Coast is Nigeria’s top trading partner in Africa

4. Northern Nigeria takes over 80% of the country’s land.

5. The Yoruba group of Nigeria has the highest rate of twin births in the world.

6.  Over 500 indigenous languages are spoken throughout the country

7. It is the most populous country in Africa

8. There are more than 250 Ethnic Groups

9. A dollar was 90 kobo at the beginning of Babangida’s term in 1985.

10. Nigeria has the highest paid legislators in the entire world.

11. Nigeria’s population is estimated to reach 444 million by the year 2050.

12. Evidence of human life in Nigeria dates as far back as 9000 BC.

13. Nigeria’s Third Mainland Bridge is the largest bridge in Africa.

14. Oil accounts for over 70% of the country’s exports.

15. Nigeria’s population was just 16 million in 1911.

16. Approximately 70% of Nigerians work in the agriculture industry.

17. Northern Nigeria takes over 80% of the country’s land.

18. Nigeria’s nickname is “Giant of Africa” because of the size of its land and the diversity of its people.

19. The country is the 7th largest democracy in the world.

20. The life expectancy on average is 52 years, one of the lowest in the world. This is primarily due to poor healthcare, a lack of clean water, and poor living conditions.

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