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Two Nigerian nationals, one South African woman arrested in India’s biggest ever narcotics seizure (photos)



Two Nigerian nationals, one South African woman arrested in India’s biggest ever narcotics seizure (photos)

In India’s biggest ever narcotics seizure, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has recovered 1,818kg of pseudoephedrine from a house in Greater Noida and arrested two Nigerian nationals and one South African national.

Officers said that the house, which belongs to an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer was being used as a drug-manufacturing unit. The approximate value of the seized drugs is estimated to be more than Rs1,000 crore.

Photos: Two Nigerian nationals, one South African woman arrested in India?s biggest ever narcotics seizure

Madhav Singh, zonal director, NCB, said the seizure is India’s biggest-ever narcotics haul and the world’s largest pseudoephedrine seizure in the past three years.

According to NCB officials, on Thursday morning following a tip off, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) intercepted a 31-year-old woman passenger, Nomsa Lutalo, from South Africa, at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport.

The woman was to board a flight to Johannesburg via Dubai.

“On checking her bags, they found 24.7kg pseudoephedrine from her bags. On questioning, the woman said she had been handed the consignment in Greater Noida by two people from Nigeria. She said she was asked to carry the same to Johannesburg and was promised good money in exchange,” Singh said.

Based on Lutalo’s interrogation, an NCB team conducted a raid at the identified premise in Sector P4 of Greater Noida the same day.

“A man, Henry Ideofor (35) and a woman, Chimando Okora (30) were living in the house. Both are from Nigeria. During searches, we found several canisters and boxes in the house, containing 1,818kg of pseudoephedrine. We also recovered 1.9kg cocaine,” Singh said.

Photos: Two Nigerian nationals, one South African woman arrested in India?s biggest ever narcotics seizure

He said that pseudoephedrine is a precursor used for manufacturing narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. The export of pseudoephedrine requires a no-objection certificate from the narcotics commissioner.

The UN Convention Against the Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, 1988, identifies 23 precursors that need to be controlled. Pseudoephedrine is one of them, the officer said.

Photos: Two Nigerian nationals, one South African woman arrested in India?s biggest ever narcotics seizure

During questioning, the Nigerian nationals told officials that they bought the chemical from various illicit sources and were storing it to manufacture drugs.

“They also used to manufacture fake heroin and transport it out of the country, illegally. They claim to have also distributed the drugs in Delhi-NCR. The precursor and manufactured drugs were mostly sent to countries in Africa, the two said,” Singh said.

Photos: Two Nigerian nationals, one South African woman arrested in India?s biggest ever narcotics seizure

Ideofor and Okora told officials they had taken the house on rent and had been living there since 2015. Investigations revealed that the house belongs to Devendra PN Pandey, an IPS officer posted with the UP Police’s Economic Offences Wing in Lucknow.

When contacted, Pandey said he had rented out the house through a property dealer and was unaware of the activities going on there.

“I had no knowledge of the drug business being run from my house. I have not even received any rent for the past year and had made complaint to the circle officer against the two Nigerian nationals. The rent agreement also clearly mentions that the residents will be responsible for any illegal activity,” he said.

Pandey said he had bought the property for Rs7.2 lakh in 2000.

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Pablo Escobar’s brother launched $50M GoFundMe to impeach US president Donald Trump



Pablo Escobar's brother launched $50M GoFundMe to impeach

Roberto (El Osito) Escobar, the brother of the infamous late Colombian drug Lord Pablo Escobar, is raising money in an attempt to impeach the US president.

El Osito launched a GoFundMe campaign with the hopes of raising US$50 million in donations for his company Escobar Inc. But GoFundMe removed the page shortly after it was posted.

On the page, Escobar claimed to be “holding dirty secrets of President Trump, his family and associates.”

The appeal on his GoFundMe read:

Pablo Escobar is a South American, also known as ‘Latino,’ legendary hero, who helped millions of people in his home country of Colombia and surrounding countries.

With the strong leadership of his company Escobar Inc., founded by his brother Roberto Escobar, we will push hard to get Donald Trump impeached.

So far, everything Pablo and his family have done has become multi-billion-dollar successful ventures.

Global News spoke to Escobar about why he wants to take these steps to impeach Trump and he said:

“His discrimination of the Latino American people. We are some of the hardest-working people in the world. Trump is 100-per-cent corrupt and colluding with foreign governments. Trump is like a Chihuahua dog — small and cute but doesn’t know how to bite. I am good at biting,” 

Escobar also told Global News that he believes the GoFundMe campaign will not only help the United States but the rest of the world as well.

He said:

“It will help the world. I am going to eliminate Trump from power. I will do it. My brother Pablo killed hundreds of judges and thousands of policemen. But this time we will do it the legal way, peacefully.”

He continued: “I know there is enough dirt on this guy. If we pay the right connections, they will come forward and testify in Congress and co-operate with Robert Mueller.”

When asked if he wants people from all over the world to donate, Escobar said: “Yes. The goal is that anyone in the world that feels that Trump should be removed goes and donates right now to the campaign.”

He continued: “Once we raise the $50 million, we believe we have an incredibly high chance of getting Trump removed swiftly from being the president. He has done a lot of wrong and should be held accountable. But of course, it costs money to go against a powerful guy like Trump.”

Escobar went on to tell Global News that “nobody is as bad as Trump.”

“He is the worst cockroach in history. Cockroaches don’t die easily but when they do, they do it on their backs with their feet up and intimate parts exposed. Remember that I said that,” Escobar said.

Roberto is the former accountant and co-founder of the Medellín Cartel.

In 1993, Roberto was arrested and imprisoned, at which point he was injured in a letter bomb attack that left him half blind and half deaf. Since his release from prison, he has authored several articles, books, patents and is a co-founder of Escobar Inc.

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